Asset Management - GIS

GISGIS provides a mapping tool to manage and relate utilities, wastewater systems, storm drainage and roadways systems. GBA’s knowledgeable and experienced GIS staff can become a valued member of your asset management team. GBA offers expertise in:

• Arcpad customization
• Field inventory
• Map maintenance
• GPS and survey
• Database design
• Data conversion
GIS is an excellent tool that combines all location-based asset information into one comprehensive format easily accessible to public works and other departments through their desktop application, a mobile device, or the Internet.
GBA currently has 12 seats of ArcGIS software V10 .1 with many professionals that are competent at using ArcMap. With regards to Global Positioning Systems (GPS), we own both survey grade equipment and handheld Trimble GPS units.




Nelson Pilot Project
Johnson County, KS

Cole Creek CSO Overview Map
Omaha, NE

City Bridge Map
Lenexa, KS





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